Brenda Schultz-McCarthy’s career high was World #9 in Singles; #7 in Doubles. In 1995, she reached the quarterfinals at Wimbledon and the US Open. She retired from tennis in 1999 with injuries, then came out of retirement in 2005, playing Fed Cup and WTA tournaments in 2006. In July of that year, Brenda claimed her place in WTA history, recording a World Record 130 mph serve in the first round of the Western & Southern Financial Group Women’s Open qualifying tournament, held in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Brenda currently runs her own foundation entitled TEDS which is established to educate and empower children and their families to become whole by leading a holistic lifestyle.


Brenda Schultz-McCarthy’s Strengths: Singles: Lots of variety; slice,
top spin, angles and how to keep it out of your opponent’s strike zone.
Doubles: Strategy and communication with your partner.

Julia Cohen: Formerly #97 ranked player in the World in 2012 and #121 in doubles rankings. Julia in her career captured five singles and four doubles titles on the ITF tour. She began playing at the age of three and played number 1 singles for the University of Florida Gators her freshman year where she finished the year ranked 5th in the US in singles and was named ALL-ACC. She plays in World Team Tennis for the Philadelphia Freedoms and Boston Lobsters and currently headquarters at her own Academy in Philadelphia entitled Chirico-Cohen Academy.

Julia will be accompanying Brenda Schultz-McCarthy across the Country and Globe with the Women of WOW Power Tour! Training with these two great women means maximizing your strengths and efficiency, while increasing your speed and agility. A truly life-altering experience, but best of all, they come to you! The small world that it is, Brenda actually hit her then fastest ever recorded serve against Julia in Cincinnati.


Julia Cohen’s Strengths:

Inside out forehand, mental toughness, speed and agility​


Take the Cohen Private Challenge: Play Julia one Cross Court Backhand Game (no alleys) during a private lesson to 11. Get more than 8 points and your time with Julia is on the house. Only one forehand allowed. If one player comes to net, anything goes. No missing first balls either. Take the challenge today. Schedule your time with Julia.


Rachel Stuhlmann is a Former Top Division 1 NCAA singles and Doubles Player from the University of Missouri Women’s tennis team (2010-2014). She holds wins over top 100 ranked collegiate players. Currently is Co-Founder and creator of “Toss Up” which features an inside look into current players on tour and their routines during tournaments. She has her own blog where she writes articles on the state of tennis distributed to thousands across the community on

Rachel has teamed with Julia to offer you (and your friends) a truly WOW experience. Training with these two great women will teach you how to achieve optimal fitness, how to generate power with a light frame, hit a two handed backhand for power, and exercise mind control. Another life-altering experience, but best of all, they come to you!

Once the day is done, you and all the participants will enjoy lunch or dinner with the Women of WOW in an opportunity to engage their minds on a personal level.