WOW Sports is the only company of its kind. We create customized fantasy events that can travel out to our market, as well as offer elite training right here in Palm Beach County, Florida. We are seeking motivated people interested in expanding our company locally and globally. Currently, we are looking for Tennis Coaches/hitters & Agents who are looking for a place to call home or to help expand the WOW Coaching philosophy, brand and mantra. We are also looking for athletes from other sports, interested in doing something for their sport instead of looking for their sport to do something for them. WOW has also space available for accountant and book keeping positions. Please submit inquiries to our contact page.

Our hiring philosophy: Hire the best people.

We are highly selective. The Coaches & hitters (Team) we have assembled in Palm Beach County are some of the best in the business. We are constantly perfecting our craft & skill. We have established our own niche, but now we are looking to expand. If you’re looking for an opportunity, and think you have the chops to be a WOW Coach/Hitter … we want you to contact us today.


Our Management Team is proud of the unprecedented, revolutionary fantasy experiences we have created around the World. We intend to expand our business to include other sports and their respective legends. If you think creating fantasy experiences for sports fans is something that fits your goals, please contact us.


You will be challenged.

We all thrive on challenge here. Expect to face hard adversity, whether it be with our training method, achieving success with our Players, fantasy experiences or  as part of our innovation with deferred compensation and Global Tennis Professionals. We challenge each other, but we also put our heads together to come up with the best methods to achieve our goals.

We will provide a stable environment.

We are managed by a seasoned, responsible team. We know our unique direction, and have a long-term plan. We are able to help you grow.


We will learn from one another.

Everyone on the team is constantly learning from one another. No one is too prideful to admit they are still learning. We share experiences and thoughts with each other & everyone is working towards one common goal: Enhancing and contributing to the sports we love in the best way we know how. We want everyone to share in the excitement, and that depends on a quality Team who is willing to share the success.


We need seasoned Coaches/Hitters & Agents.

Our team consists of doers and achievers. All of our Coaches, hitters and agents have had hands – on experience, and continue to earn more of it. We all get our hands dirty in our company. If your not already seasoned, no problem, we groom talent as well.

You will have a meaningful, historic role.

Your role will have a significant impact on the future of our company, since great success can only be accomplished with a great team. WOW Sports is a cutting edge sports business and we value a unique perspective and contributions as to how to better our brand.


We value your opinions and ideas.

We know there’s a lot of smart, talented people out there, so please send us your ideas & feedback.


Submit your qualifications today to: